I help people build their relationship with movement, yoga and improve their experience of pain through 1:1 sessions, public classes and yoga teacher education.

Yoga Teacher : Continued Education Provider : Pain Coach : lululemon Ambassador: Researcher : Yoga Commentator : Mentor: Community Connector 

‘Ardently curious, relentlessly authentic’

Let’s meet at the intersection of community, yoga, inclusivity and accessibility.

I’m Rose and I teach yoga. Although adhering to the principles of traditional yoga practice – breath work, philosophy, mental focus and relaxation – I deeply believe yoga should be accessible to everyone and we can have fun with the process whilst retaining personal agency.

I am a movement amalgamator and encourage practitioners to find ease in their movement and an integrity in how our bodies function, often stepping far away from how many believe a pose should look, reflecting my strong interest in modern pain science.

I try to share an experience more than a class and always light hearted, accessible and inclusive in approach.

My work with yoga teachers spans mentoring to training – with strategy sessions being the most popular method of teachers teaming up with me to find trouble shooting solutions.
I am passionate about enabling critical thinkers, open minds and flexible brains with both individuals and the wider community, especially through my relationship with lululemon.