Move and learn with me

In the local community I teach weekly classes, 1:1 sessions and yin yoga.

In the wider community I deliver workshops and courses some public and some continued professional development courses for teachers both online and in person.

In addition I offer a structured mentor program for teachers and lots of accessible offerings for all through my role as ambassador for lululemon.


Yoga @ Everlast Fitness Club Southport

All bookable via the club membership.

Yoga Thurs 8pm

Yoga Fri 12.15pm

Yoga Sun 10am


9.30am – 11am The best of both worlds.

Yin yogas softly held poses nurture our bones and tissues then we explore our muscles as we gently flow. We reset, we connect, we restore.

All in a no pressure environment with all props and bolsters included.

Price £7.50 


Price £40 ph

In my private home studio 

Each new booking requires a free telephone consultation first.

I will always endeavor to see you as a new client to find out if we are a good fit, generally all my private sessions fill but I do operate a wait list.

Private Pain Specific Sessions

Price £50

A 90 minute, one off session to explain pain and create personal strategies for you. Also includes information sheets and an opportunity to video yourself for use at home.



The Mentor Momentum is a 21 day plan for yoga teachers to regain impetus, learn to assess what they are delivering and harness accountability to transform, shake of doubt and stagnation to move towards radical change.

Each day sees task specifics such as journaling, assessment, zoom calls or practicals and in total you receive three manuals and three 1:1 zoom calls at a total cost of £225.

Which can be paid in full or three payments by prior arrangement.

One of my best skills is being critical and having a keen eye.

Often seen as a negative trait it allows me to see clearly and assess very truthfully.

I learnt to polish off the rough edges of this natural ability when being an assessor and examiner on several yoga teacher trainings, giving valuable feed forward pointers to hone their skills pre and post exams and consulting on course development.

My thousands of hours of teaching, hosting courses, running workshops and providing continuing professional and education courses for teachers around the country, combined with the leadership skills I have learnt in self development with lululemon as their ambassador have enabled me to formulate this method to self assess , refine and find joy in teaching and practicing again.