Balance In Yoga

I CAN’T BALANCE! Really? Or do we just get taught that a balance is standing on one leg and completing other tasks at the same time? Walking is a multitasking single leg balance which most of us do everyday, but sometimes yoga can be overly elaborate and end goal focused, leading us to struggle unnecessarily.…

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Let’s look at lowering to the ground as a yoga transition and that knees, chest, chin is an alternative to chaturanga    Firstly what is the purpose of the pose? What are we trying to achieve here? I don’t teach chaturanga to up dog as a transition anymore and rarely teach chaturanga at all but…

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Do you need anything special or fancy to practice yoga?
No, of course not but just like running or going to the gym there are some pieces of kit that can make a difference and help distraction free practice.
If we took up running we would invest in some good running shoes and a good mat will enable no hand or feet slips or surfing across the floor in warrior two.
Use your common sense, patterns may wear, pale colours get grubby and just like run shoes expect your mat to have a milage life span rather than last forever – i usually update mine every year or two.
After buying virtually every yoga mat going, wasting money on ones that didn’t meet their promises of non slip and feeling frustrated at ones that dont perform well- I can honestly say lululemon make the best ones and was in love with them well before my working relationship with the brand. I usually buy a 5mm one to be kind to knees and joints but if weight is an issue the 3mm are lighter but less padded.
If you are happy with any colour keep an eye on their sale section as they always pop up in there too.

A yoga block and strap can be good investments too.
Props are definitely not for people who cannot do something, they are a brilliant aid to help engagement, cultivate play and switch up what we doing – your body loves variety and in fact your tissues respond better to variety rather than depth in the poses.
For my yin lovers, a bolster and eye pillow make for a transformation of your yin experience and lights out in savasana