The Strategy Sessions


Brainstorming & micro mentoring to go!

A support service for yoga teachers – including proofing, copy writing, sound boarding, top tips, outside perspectives, confidentiality, shared experiences both good and bad, unbiased support, honest and constructive feedback, strategising, straight talking & more                           X4 hrs £160


Most teachers come to me as clients for this condensed mentoring for help & questions around:

The ins and outs of running events, retreats and successful workshops/trainings

– Pitfalls to avoid and formulating resilience

– Reengaging with clients and growing private clients

– Lost as to their place, where they fit, their ‘why’ , purpose and what they bring

– Recognising blocks, crutches and moving past them to freedom and fresh clarity

– Specific issues such as a big event, a change of direction or education on a topic

– What their next move is, levelling up and finding a signature style

– Restructuring advice including working smarter not harder

– Writing copy, content and creation

– Shaking stagnation to harness inspired change

…as well as tackling their worries, concerns, imposter syndrome, insecurities and cementing confidence.

Let my critical eye work in your favour. We have got this. Better together.



Whilst my Mentor Momentum programme provides personal growth and development as a teacher over time, the reality is my inbox always contains lots of practical questions leaning on my 22 years of practice and teaching experience – from running large scale events, teacher trainings and delivering content around the UK, as well as 28 years of self employment.

I have worked with brands from small businesses and start ups writing content, lecturing, consulting and teaching everywhere from stunning venues and theatres to Harvey Nichols and with global brands, including my educational relationship with lululemon.

Experience has been not only been grown on the mat but in anatomy schools and cadaver labs, running independent research studies and studying modern pain science and movement therapy – as well as delivering continued educational and professional development to virtually all movement modalities.

That’s all very nice but the real reason my inbox is busy for help, advice and opinions, people actually reply to my newsletters and my private client bank is bulging?

I tell it how it is.

I can feed back but I also feed forward, effectively and with clear direction. Those who know me know I will always go that extra mile and I have helped teachers from those with 200 to over 100k followers.

No one does it all by themselves without burn out , so buckle up, you just booked a buddy to navigate your yoga dilemas with .