Yin Yoga 1.5 Hr



(any class updates and changes will always appear here)

I must stress that we are remaining COVID compliant and we all need to continue to be careful, cautious and considerate.
All equipment is still provided and sanitised between sessions but you may feel more comfortable with your own blanket or towel to lay over then, cushion or anything you prefer is of course fine.i will keeping windows open for healthy ventilation too so bring fluffy socks and an extra layer or two until we get the room back to how we like it!

Any questions please get in touch otherwise I hope to see you soon x


9.30am – 11am




Yin yogas softly held poses nurture our bones and tissues then we explore our muscles as we gently flow.

We reset, we connect, we restore.

Rest is rebellion.

All in a no pressure environment with all props and bolsters included.